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This is me

why hello there

My reason for being

There's only one way to live your life and that is by doing the things that you love and when the time comes, you look back and say to yourself "I have no regrets".
All within reason of course, we can't all be Jeff Bezos where a grain of rice equals a month's pay times 20 and drive a bunch of sports cars :P

Living by this simple rule, I've been working as SysAdmin for over 7 years now because I just love how versatile the job is (mileage may vary).
Then I eat, sleep, watch movies, play video games, dabble around with more IT stuff. I have my own home network with several hypervisors and storage so there's plenty of experimenting to do :)
And when I really just want to do something with my hands, I just start building Gunpla modelkits.


Why this blog?

Throughout my life span, I've learned a lot of things. Sometimes these are things I don't repeatedly do but maybe once or twice a year. Sadly the human brain is limited and it tends to push information out in favor of things more... favorable.
Therefore I've created this blog, things I want to remember and so that I don't have to scour the internet all over again for the answer.
I could have just written it all down in a Word document and save it on my computer, but I generally like helping people. So I put in the extra effort in making this and maybe someone looking for an answer to his/her problem will find it here.
Man...the times I have been looking for an answer to a very specific problem that isn't very common...

To that end...

Enjoy your visit! Also this is my cat, pet it for much fortune!